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It's been said that 'passionate' is only one step shy of 'crazy' and Orlando is without a doubt one of the most passionate artists out there! To him, the only thing cooler than getting to live his crazy-awesome-fun artist lifestyle is being able to inspire people & touch their souls through his art.

Whether it's his 'living art' pieces- body painting on live models - or his commissioned pieces, Orlando continues everyday to create, learn, grow and inspire the world; making it a more beautiful place through his talent and passion.

However, in today's world, talent and passion are not enough; you also have to have trust. Every year you can find art schools brimming with talent, passion and creativity, but how many of those artists can you trust to meet your deadline? Trust is as important to Orlando as his art. He refuses to be another one of those 'flaky artists' that hasn't grown up. Orlando sees his attention to detail, honest communication and meeting his deadlines as the 'responsible' side of his art which means you can always count on Orlando to deliver.

Back in the day...

Although Orlando burns bright in his passion to create art, he also has an insatiable  appetite for learning anything associated with art. As a kid growing up in Puerto Rico, he drew inspiration from comic books and graffiti art. Later he found a love of fine art while studying illustration; first at Studios Incalminati in Pennsylvania and later at the Ducrest School of Art in New Jersey.

Orlando spent most his high school years in the ceramic class room or in the halls of his high school reading and sketching comic books. After high school he started to develop a love for grafitti art which spawn into painting and then into oil painting. Funny thing you would think he would of hated to paint Orlando's and his father painted so many homes growing up, but his love for art only grew. Then he started to develop a real hunger for artistic knowledge, so Orlando would go to any art museum or exhibit that he could find. Then finally Orlando decided to go to art school and decided to move to Philadelphia, Pa. where he studied figure and still life painting in Studios Incalminati. After a year he was asked to study illustration at Ducrest school of art in Plainfeild, N.J. Where Orlando excelled. To put himself through school he worked as a carpenter learned the ins and outs of wood and similar mediums.

Orlando's illustration skills were refined even further under the tough tutelage of  his friend & mentor, Tommy Castillo, whom he had met at a comic book convention in Texas. Tommy later invited Orlando to continue his study of illustration in Florida where Orlando has been fortunate enough to meet & learn from many other fine artists* also hanging out in the sunshine state.

Florida is also where Orlando learned the art of theatrical prop making and fabricating from Kevin Baratier of Theatrical Engenieers Workshop. The three-dimensional art of theatrical prop making dove-tailed nicely with the two-dimensional art that had already become a way of life for Orlando. Being able to call upon what he's learned from both 2D & 3D art has given Orlando a wide pool of knowledge and experience to use in creating his own personal art.

*Orlando Gives Special Thanks to: Tommy Castillo, Kevin Baratier, Dirk Strangely, Paul Vincenti, Rodney Ramos, Joe Benitez, Joe Jusko, Larry Elmore, Graven Ravenwolf and Sevdha

Some people say...

Orlando is an amazingly versatile and multitalented artist. You will seldom come across another human being with as many talents as him. -Sevdha